Our project: Eco Retreat Finca Artis Tirma – surrounding

Welcome to a place to reconnect with yourself

in the serenity of Fuerteventura

Visit the five self-contained cottages for rent at Eco Retreat Finca Artis Tirma and make the booking for your stay in Fuerteventura:






Eco Retreat Finca Artis Tirma is located 5 km north of the village of Tarajalejo , small fishermen village  in the southern part of the island and about 45 km from the airport. A large estate of 20,000 square meters which was conceived and designed by the artist Elvira Isasi in 2005. Situated between two mountains, the protected natural reservoir facing- east of Caracol and El Cardon , called “the sacred mountain” in the west, it is an oasis of peace and serenity.

All the Finca was designed by the artist Elvira Isasi inside a typical Canarian building around a large central courtyard where every house is a self-contained cottage with its own entrance and private terraces. Elvira has her workshop located in one of the houses and along with Heinz are the hosts that run the estate lovingly and with flair for details.

Artis Tirma is a magical and original place, ideal for rest and relax in the sun and also to explore the beautiful island of Fuerteventura. Here, accompanied by the energy of the elements that give name to our Casitas (Earth, Air, Fire and Water, and later was added Moon and Spiral ) visitors can reconnect with Mother Earth and the universe. From the estate you can enjoy beautiful sunrises and sunsets, relax in the pyramid of meditation and take a walk in the labyrinth and feel the energy of the cosmograms in the geomantic circle created by the artist Marko Pogacnik in his project “The healing of the Earth”.

Eco Retreat Artis Tirma is ecological and works 100% on renewable energies (wind and solar). We recycle everything we can (water, waste). We develop projects around a synergic garden and about the local flora and fauna. We have designed a small  “Eco-Book” on the operation and everything offered in the property to find that you will find in the houses on arrival. We in here really believe in living in harmony with mother nature and so we would encourage you to follow some simple instructions that will surely help reduce our impact on the environment.

SUGGESTIONS AND IDEAS FOR YOUR STAY : We will provide good advice for your stay in the island and hiking routes, great places to eat and enjoy the typical Canarian food, traditional markets, historic sites and enclaves to make the most of your stay.



You should take the road FV-2 in direction Morro Jable.

After you drive past the villages Gran Tarajal and Giniginamar you will find after a few kilometers a roundabout with a mailman statue in the middle and gas station on the left side of the road.

Turn in the gas station and head to the right, parallel to the FV-2 you will see a road marked with white stones and a sign Finca Artis Tirma leading up through a white gate to the Finca.